The Company

Continental Property Investments is part of Holding Groupe CPI*. It is a Real Estate Company based in France, but active in continental Europe. Founded in 1997 by Mr. Boutros El Khoury, now has experience in the European market. During this period it has strengthened its position at the same time expanded its portfolio of properties to rent. 

The beginnings were in France, but now the Company is dedicated to the purchase of real estate assets across Europe. The company has an important number of sqm of offices across Europe. The most important investment volume is located in France, Germany and England. In 2009, Continental Property Investment made its arrival to Spain, where is currently undergoing a process of sustained expansion. Nowadays the Company employs almost 410 people through its hotels in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.


· President–General Manager Founder: Boutros El-Khoury
· Vice-President: Stéphane El-Maadaoui
· Financial Director: Claude Sarkis
· Spain General Manager: Francisco Pleguezuelos López


· Prime Corporate
· Continental Finance